Interpretation Services

More than 200 experienced interpreters with various specialties and skills are registered with JAC, and we can select a translator that best suits your needs.

All sorts of occasions

We can select and dispatch an interpreter or interpreters according to the occasion: e.g. business negotiation, tele-conference, IR meeting, IR road show, conference and symposium (on-stage and booth), seminar, trade fair, interview, focus group, assistance for visitors, assistance in hospital visits.

All styles of interpretation

Our interpreters have varied levels of skills from consecutive (interpreting during pauses in the original speech), whispering (interpreting simultaneously on a one-on-one basis) and conference interpretation (interpreting simultaneously usually in a booth for large audience). We can select the most suitable for the assignment.

Strict Confidentiality

JAC and its interpreters keep confidential all information obtained in relation to the assignment.

Price (one day rate for 7-hour occupancy, per interpreter)

Conference (simultaneous) interpretation From ₤800 + VAT
Whispering (simultaneous) interpretation From ₤800 + VAT
Consecutive interpretation From ₤450 + VAT
  • The fees are flexible depending upon the fee setting of the available interpreters.
  • Half-day fees (generally 60% of the one-day fees) will be applied to assignments of up to 3.5 hours.
  • Overtime will be charged at an hourly rate.
  • Fees for long-term assignment negotiable.
  • Cancellation charge: simultaneous 100%; for other types 30% at more than seven working days notice, 50% at less than seven working days notice, 100% one working day prior to and on the day of the assignment.

Pre-delivery Preparation

  • Materials
    In order to ensure good performance, we ask you to send us preparation materials in advance (at least one week, and two weeks for conference interpretation). Agenda for the meeting, past minutes, presentation draft, company brochure, etc. – any relevant information helps.

Delivery of Interpretation

  • Interpretation
    The interpreter(s) will be at the venue on the agreed time and perform the ordered interpretation.


  • Invoice
    Upon the completion of the assignment, an invoice will be issued for the total charge – agreed interpretation fee including overtime charge if any + interpreter’s expenses as accrued (travel, accommodation, etc).
  • Payment by bank transfer
  • If you wish to pay by credit card
    We will ask you to give us your credit card account details when you place an order. Upon delivery of the service, the invoiced amount will be deducted from the account and the receipt will be sent to you by post.