Translation Service

More than 250 experienced translators with various specialties are registered with JAC, and we can select a translator that best suits your needs.

All sorts of texts

We translate a wide variety of texts: e.g. business letters, emails, market reports, presentation packages, meeting minutes, annual reports, company brochures, websites, catalogues, ads, product specifications, patent applications, contracts and other business documents.

Reliable quality

Translations produced by translators with ample experiences and/or qualifications are of reliable quality, which JAC delivers after a strict quality check.

Various formats

We can deal with Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Pdf, etc. The form of delivery is usually email (attached file), but if we can arrange the form of your preference (such as a CD to be posted).

Strict Confidentiality

JAC and its translators keep the information in your texts strictly confidential.

Price (Ask the coordinator about other language pairs.)

From English to Japanese (per 1000 source words) From ₤130 + VAT
From Japanese to English (per 1000 source characters) From ₤110 + VAT
  • The above rates may vary according to the nature of the text (highly technical, legal, etc.) and the degree of necessary editing (charts, tables, layout adjustments, etc.)
  • For urgent translation, a premium rate may apply.
  • For large-volume or regular translation, a discount is negotiable.
  • In case of cancellation, the client will be charged a fee for all the completed work at the time of the cancellation.

Delivery of Translation

  • By email, etc.
    The translation will be delivered on the agreed date by:
    • email (attached file)
    • post (electronic copy or hard copy)


  • Invoice
    Upon delivery, an invoice will be issued for the agreed price (unless any extra cost has been incurred due to changes to the initial agreement – e.g. additional/revised original text, additional task, earlier delivery by the client’s request).
  • Payment by bank transfer
  • If you wish to pay by credit card
    We will ask you to give us your credit card account details when you place an order. Upon delivery of the service, the invoiced amount will be deducted from the account and the receipt will be sent to you by post.